Our Story

After treating her own son’s autism and associated immunodeficiency for years within her own clinic, passionate mother and health specialist Linda Paterson (BHSc) launched Gutbiome Synbiotics in 2018.

During her extensive years of practice, Linda became a qualified expert on the impact of antibiotics on the human gutbiome and the consequential effects that can occur.

It is well-known that antibiotic use can affect the immune system and play a contributing role in the disturbance of our own microbiome.

Linda places a key emphasis on the importance of general gut health and probiotics, bringing a wealth of knowledge to Gutbiome Synbiotics.

She is a well-known and regarded gut health specialist and a certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioner and online GAPS training instructor with the official Global GAPS Training Team and Advisory Committee.

During her years of clinical practice, Linda found a great deal of success with the administering of probiotics for her own family and select patients within her own clinic, through products sourced both nationally and internationally.

However, she felt that she was continuously compromising with probiotic brands that failed to meet specific standards and requirements that were important to health-conscious consumers concerned with active ingredients and hidden excipients.

With other issues like importation shelf-life on products and discrepancies around manufacturing guidelines, Linda realised that starting her own company was the answer.

From the get-go, it was Linda’s primary goal to develop a reputable brand that consumers could trust, without a hidden agenda.

To date, Gutbiome Synbiotics has developed multi-strain formulas that are backed by valid scientific research and are listed as an approved TGA medicine.

With Linda’s commitment to gut health spanning the course of a decade, she knows the relevance and importance in selecting the right probiotic formulas that will assist sensitive individuals with severe gut disorders to restore and maintain a healthy Gutbiome.

Our GutBiome Synbiotic formulas were collaboratively and carefully formulated and manufactured by a team of Nutritionists, Doctors and Scientists.

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride (Author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome) was also involved in the selection process of the specific probiotic strains chosen and supports our brand for patients with GAPS associated conditions.

We welcome and encourage all feedback and reviews as valuable contributions to our future work, with continuous quality improvement and maintaining our reputation to deliver trusted family formulas suitable for all.

Our Heritage

We are proud of our Australian Heritage and identify with our lineage to support our culture as a registered Australian Indigenous Business. Having grown up in Coastal Arnhem land, we have a great respect for our oceans and the abundance it offers. We also remain committed to protecting our ocean wildlife through our promotion of good health to our community and friends.


Our Goal

Our goal is to continue delivering high-quality, consumer focused advanced formulas and share the knowledge and experience of maintaining good gut health with all.

We also want to ensure the continuation of our work is consistent with the results derived from our valued customers, clinical collaborators and independent research.

It is critical that Gutbiome Synbiotics maintains its ongoing commitment to stay connected with emerging science to deliver quality products that people can rely on and trust.