When it comes to introducing a new probiotic for the first time, it is best to understand why or what specific reactions may occur and how you can best avoid them to get the optimal result.

Dosage Guidelines for GutBiome Synbiotics Powder

It is very important to build the probiotic dose up slowly. Start from a very small amount. Observe any “die-off” symptoms (including, but not limited to fatigue, nausea, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, low grade fever, headache, and flu like symptoms). If there are none then, increase the dose gradually and methodically over time. When you see a reaction, let your patient settle on this dose until the “die-off” symptoms settle or disappear. Then increase the dose again and let the patient settle on that. Keep increasing the dose until a therapeutic level is reached. This period of building up the dose can take from a few weeks to a few months and is different for each patient.

Each GutBiome Powdered scoop contains 5 billion CFU

An adult should have around 15-20 billion of bacterial cells per day (4 scoops).

An infant up to 12 months can have approximately 1-2 billion of bacterial cells per day (1/4 – 1/2 scoop).

A toddler from 1 to 2 years can have 2-5 billion of bacterial cells per day (1/2 -1 scoop).

A child from 2 to 4 years can handle 5-10 billion of bacterial cells per day (1-2 scoops).

A child from 4 to 10 years can have 10-15 billion of bacterial cells per day (2-3 scoops).

From the age of 12 to 16 we can increase the dose to 15-20 billion per day (3-4 capsules).

Incremental dosage suggestion

If supplementing this product for the first time (except for cases of diarrhoea in children), start with 1/2 of a scoop and gradually increase the amount over 30 days until the full dose above is reached daily or as directed by your health practitioner.

Therapeutic dosage for digestive disorders

If your practitioner recommends a higher dose for your particular ailment or to address a serious digestive disorder, proceed with introducing the dose slowly until you reach the therapeutic indicated amount by your practitioner. Once the patient has reached the therapeutic dose level recommended by their practitioner the dose should then be maintained for around six months on average. It takes at least this length of time to remove the pathogenic flora and start re-establishing normal healthy gut flora.

Diet & probiotics

Adhering to a good healthy diet is absolutely essential during this period. If you carry on feeding the pathogens in the gut with sugar and processed carbohydrates then the probiotic will not have much chance of helping you in turning your health around. The GAPS Diet has become highly regarded by both mainstream and the allied health industry to be successful in managing gut disorders. After 6 months on the therapeutic amount, the patient can reduce the dose to 20 Billion FCU’s as the recommend maintenance dose.

Common misconceptions

One common misconception about supplementing probiotics that people may assume is the belief that probiotics will colonise the GutBiome indefinitely. It is true that probiotics can help establish and maintain good bacteria in your GutBiome, however if supplementing probiotics is stopped, the gut flora begins to return to it’s colony state of regular bacteria residents. Science has not yet discovered how to colonise the GutBiome indefinitely without the continuation of probiotic supplementation, therefore the only way to achieve this is to make probiotics a part of your daily life.

General rules

Do not consume probiotics at the same time as Sauerkraut or Betaine with added pepsin. It is best to supplement probiotics first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night when the stomach acid is at its lowest.

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